Gold Oil

...A perfect Massage Oil for new born babies

Developed by Vrudhi’s unique formulation, Gold Oil is our most luxurious product. The base of the oil is Sandalwood Oils infused with cold pressed coconut oil and saffron.
The Oil absorbs right into your skin, leaving your skin lustrous and naturally radiant. The mix of our Gold Oil ingredients is found to harden and strengthen bones, especially in babies.
As the name suggests, Gold is what your skin will be on application of Vrudhi Gold Oil

Key Ingredients : Sandalwood Oil

Other Ingredients : Red Sandalwood Oil, White Sandalwood Oil, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Saffron.

Best for Ages : Suitable for all Age Groups.
Highly effective on regular use for Babies

Our own secret and unique formulation makes Vrudhi Gold Oil a unique product in the market, quite simply because of the benefits that are loaded within the application of the product. Ideal for babies, regular application of the oil toughens and strengthens the baby’s bones, and acts as an effective lightweight moisturizer that leaves a rich golden glow on the baby’s skin.

• Lustrous Complexion and a Radiant Skin
• Hardens and Strengthens the bones
• Keeps your skin healthy and hydrated.

Our preparation technique does not require to add any preservatives and the oils can be stored for years in an airtight container. However, we advise to use it within 12 months.
Store it in a cool, dry place.

Warm the oil. Apply oil all over body. Give a gentle massage and leave the oil for 10-15 mins. Take a bath with hot water. Recommended to be in the sun after oil application for maximum absorption of Vitamin D. Avoid application on hair and eyebrows. Regular application on hair can make hair little brown.

Qty : 100ml