Goat Milk Soap

...A perfect soap for Skin moisturization

Vrudhi Goat Milk Soap with Frankincense Oil combines the powerful skin texture enhancing benefits of Goat Milk and the protective powers of Frankincense Oil that softens your skin by removing dead cells and coating it with a shield to protect them from further damage.
Frankincense Oil with its astringent properties protect your sensitive skin cells from any kind of external stimuli that might cause you irritation in your body. To add to that, the highly vitamin and mineral rich Goat Milk provides a skin texture that restores its supple nature, moisturizes it and removes any form of creases or scars from it.
A natural, handmade Ayurvedic Soap, Vrudhi Goat Milk Soap is ideal for babies during their growing years and provides a gentle, yet effective solution for your baby’s skin.

Key Ingredients : Goat Milk

Other Ingredients : Frankincense Oil, Shea Butter, Lavender Oil.

Best for Ages :  Suitable for all ages, especially for babies. 

Frankincense oil has been used since ages as a part of therapeutic and healing herbs in Ayurveda. Frankincense Oil is particularly beneficial for providing a very calming and soothing feeling, anti-aging fighting, and to remove any kinds of scars from the body.
Vrudhi Goat Milk Soap has been very meticulously mixed with Frankincense Oil enough to extract the complete benefits of the oil in its raw form.

• Removes Dead Skin Cells
• Softens and moisturizes the skin.
• A strong anti-aging fighter.
• Clears all forms of acnes and pimple marks on the skin.

Qty : 110g